Sean Astin was doing a live HuffPost interview in support of his new comedy Moms' Night Out when he was surprised by guest Corey Feldman, who also has The M Word currently in theaters. It's not those two movies that had the former co-stars talking, though. It was the thought of reuniting for The Goonies 2 that got them both excited. And it sounds like it's a real thing.

Director Richard Donner dropped the news last month that a sequel to the 1985 classic children's adventure was moving forward, and that executive producer Steven Spielberg came up with the story idea. Sean Astin confirms that in the following video:

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Corey Feldman asks his former co-star and longtime friend what the deal is with The Goonies 2.

"What's happening with 'Goonies 2?' That's what everybody wants to know. What are we doing?!"

Sean Astin, who played Mikey, the leader of the Goonies, had this new information to share.

"This is what I know. I'm doing my television show, The Strain, for FX, in Toronto, and I'm sitting down with the network brass, and my phone rings in my pocket, and its you saying, 'Hey, I just met with the director and The Goonies 2 is happening, so get ready to go to work. That's all I know."

When Corey Feldman begins to claim that he was thrown under the bus in terms of Richard Donner making the announcement, Sean Astin clears the air with a bit of good news...

"I happen to know that they are actively trying to secure a writer based on an outline that they feel really confident about. When Steven, who ultimately is the decision-maker on this, when he has felt the magic and he and [The Goonies director Richard Donner] are in agreement, which I believe will happen, then it will be a thing."

When Corey Feldman asks,

"When will we see a script?"

Sean Astin's response is simple.

"I don't know."

Both actors agree that original writer Chris Columbus will be back in some capacity. If you can't wait for The Goonies 2, both Moms' Night Out and The M Word are in select theaters this weekend.