IS RATED 'R'!!!!!

In the blood-soaked realm that is horror movies we viewers have been treated to some pretty disgusting deaths over the years. From A Nightmare on Elm Street, to Hellraiser we have all been happily made voyeurs to some of the best dismemberments, beheadings and carnal atrocities that the sickest of the sick can think up. Whether it's seeing a body get pulled in half by two trucks in The Hitcher, or Kevin Bacon getting an unintended tonsillectomy in Friday the 13th, these gorefests go out of their way to offer up something gross to everyone.

Now, what better way to say "Thank You," to honor these macabre visions of artistic violence than to present you with The Splatter Films Top 10 Ways to Die on Film! We have beat our brains bloody trying to come up with the most sadistic list we could. Now, we serve it up to you on a blood-soaked, silver platter...

Alien: Chest Burster

Day Of The Dead: Choke On Um

Final Destination 2: Crushed

Friday The 13th: Arrowhead Thru the Neck

Hellraiser: Jesus Wept

House of Wax: Paris Hilton Kill

A Nightmare On Elm Street: Bed Of Blood

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Cut In Half

Zombie: Eyeball

The Hitcher: A Useless Waste

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