Video game fans can now experience Super Mario Bros.' Mushroom Kingdom from the unique perspective of screenwriter and director, Evan Daugherty. Maker Studios' collaborative gaming and geek culture network Polaris, and Daugherty, screenwriter of the 2012 fantasy/action film Snow White and the Huntsman, today announced the release of The Four Players, four new short films, each one reimagining a different character from Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. franchise. The first two films, The Fixer (Mario) and The Addict (Luigi) will debut on Polaris beginning today, with The Star (Princess Peach) and The Soldier (Toad) being released tomorrow.

Watch the first two shorts here:

Focusing on the four playable characters from Super Mario Bros. 2; Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad, the films offer a grounded, dark and grittier treatment similar to Evan Daugherty's work in Snow White and the Huntsman. Here's what he had to say:

"Making these short films gave me a chance to really 'do my own thing,' while having a little fun treating one of my favorite video game properties with a darker vibe. I had been kicking around the idea for years before I was even working in the industry, so to finally be able to share these films with fans on Polaris is a very exciting thing."