Hello World!

Mushy here and I just wanted to write up a short article about my film 1985-1986. 1985-1986 is a coming-of-age story about a 12-year-old boy named Erol who begins attending a new middle school in a rough neighborhood. His new environment is different from the safety of the suburbs he has always known. Erol ends up falling in with a bad crowd and is introduced to a world of smoking, alcohol, drugs and punk rock. Ultimately, Erol realizes that the best person he can be is himself.

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1985-1986 started production in 2003 when I bought Toon Boom Studios animation software. I taught myself the program, storyboarded out the scenes, recorded the voice roles with family and friends, drew the movie over 10 months, then I spent about another year editing and scoring the film. Quite honestly, the animation in 1985-1986 isn't Pixar quality (in fact it might be a level or two belowSouth Park), but I think that the film's message, style, and subject matter all come together to make for an enjoyable movie watching experience.

I have been sending the film out to distributors, and I have received some offers, but I am holding off mainly because I sent out so many screener copies, I want to wait and hear back from as many companies as possible before I make my decision. I am currently spinning off 1985-1986 into a TV/Internet show titled The Best Days of My Life. The show begins in 1984 with Erol and his friends in the sixth grade. I have written up the bible for the show and I have even outlined it over the course of 7 seasons.

Once I have the distribution for 1985-1986 taken care of, I will let you know how you can obtain a copy of it.

For more information about the film please visit www.anhedeniafilms.com.