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Attractive but sheltered, Angie Albright (Sarah Thompson) is excited to finally leave her strict religious household to attend college. While her new roommate is wilder than she's used to, Angie soon discovers that there are far worse threats to worry about than a messy dorm room.

While looking for a job babysitting, Angie learns about the recent disappearance of a female college student and the horrific murder of another girl one town over. After growing increasingly paranoid that someone may be following her around the campus, Angie is pleasantly surprised to meet Rick (Matt Dallas), a fellow student with an easy smile and a kind heart. When Angie's car won't start the night she's suppose to begin her babysitting gig, Rick jumps at the opportunity to drive her to the remote farmhouse owned by the Stantons (Bruce Thomas and Kristen Dalton)-a good looking, hard working couple who look like they stepped from the pages of an LL Bean catalog.

With young Sam quietly asleep upstairs, Angie quickly realizes just how creepy the old farmhouse is at night...and just how isolated they are. And that's when the phone calls begin. Each one, silent, except for the static hum of an oldies station playing on the radio.

After making frantic calls to Rick and the local Sheriff (Bill Mosely), the front door begins to violently rattle and Angie finds herself caught playing a shadowy game of cat and mouse with her mysterious caller-a hulking brute who she now recognizes from the college campus. The horribly scarred man begins tearing the farmhouse apart with a terrifying fury and an animal growl. With the parents nowhere in sight, and help still miles away, Angie must dig deep to find the strength and the wits to keep herself and the quiet child upstairs alive.

In the tradition of "Rosemary's Baby" and When a Stranger Calls, Babysitter Wanted is a heart stopping horror thrill ride filled with unexpected twists and blood chilling terror.