After a grueling twelve city scavenger hunt set up by The Joker himself, the brand new The Dark Knight trailer has made its debut on YouTube. We have all the excitement for you right here. Just click on the video below:

I have just gotten back from the Hollywood and Highland Center where the latest phase of The Dark Knight marketing madness happened earlier today. After a wild goose chase with a few hundred Joker fanatics, we all ended up at the Mann's Chinese 6 theater to see the highly anticipated new trailer for The Dark Knight. Was it worth about an hour and a half scavenger hunt and long wait? You're DAMN right it was. Below is my description of the brand spanking new trailer for the latest Batman installment.

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We open on The Dark Knight himself standing atop one of Gotham's skyscrapers. After some quick cuts to Batman in that souped-up motorcycle and Christian Bale in normal Bruce Wayne regalia, and Aaron Eckhart's Harvey Dent on the campaign trail, we hear Heath Ledger's voice of The Joker talking to his various minions and when one of them suggests what they do, Joker ominously says they should "kill the Batman." Typed words alone cannot bring justice to how Ledger SAYS those words.

Anyway, we then see some more shots of Dent dining with Maggie Gylenhaal's Rachel, where he first meets Bale for the first time ("Rachel has told me everything about you." "Well, hopefully not everything.") and we see more random footage of Bale, Ledger, Gylenhaal and Eckhart before seeing The Joker break up a fancy party and try to woo/scare Gylenhaal. We've seen some of that part before, but what we didn't see is all the OTHER Joker's running into the place and causing havoc and such. We also hear Bale describing how he must go into a darker place inside himself if he is to catch a man like The Joker.

It caps off with one of those big rapid-fire editing deals and the title card, which brought about thundering applause, almost too much as we almost missed the quick bit after the title card with Michael Caine's Alfred talking to Bale's Wayne, asking if he'll be taking the Batmobile out, in broad daylight, to which Bale opts for the more "subtle" Lamborghini.

This trailer seriously rocks... HARD! The whole place was absolutely packed and they almost immediately started chanting for them to play it "ONE MORE TIME." Alas, one viewing is all we got as another horde of masses were still waiting outside to see it. I would easily waste another hour and a half wandering around Hollywood just to see a 2 and a half minute trailer as good as that one again. I can't wait for you guys to see it for yourself, because I'm sure you'll be just as blown away as I was.

That's all I've got folks, and I'm eagerly awaiting July 18, when The Dark Knight hits the theaters, even more than I already was. Bring on The Dark Knight!!! Peace in. Gallagher out!