On /deadpool-movie-test-footage-is-online/Monday morning, Deadpool test footage hit the Internet, becoming an instant online sensation. It wasn't known where this footage came from, but it had professional level CGI and features the voice of actor Ryan Reynolds, who portrayed the Marvel character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The movie itself has long been languishing over at 20th Century Fox, with comic book artist and writer Rob Liefeld teasing that this footage was created over a year ago. Shortly after its debut online, Rob Liefeld confirmed that this footage was in fact real, and we know have it in HD for you to watch.

Here are the https://twitter.com/robertliefeld|Twitter responses from Rob Liefeld:

The comic book creator went onto say this shortly after:

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""To ALL who have enjoyed seeing the DP footage, enjoy it for what it is. Test's are done for films all the time and you have glimpsed process. But I hesitate to encourage your hopes on behalf of the fact that ALL Studios are run to the sound of their own particular drum... Caution. What would be more important to the bean counters at any studio are the spread sheets of the enormous Deadpool licensing Marvel generates. There is no doubt that a DP film would OPEN to an impressive number and be profitable. This is NOT Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World or Kick-Ass....DP is One of Marvel's TOP 3 popular characters of the last 20 years AND a prominent member of the X-Men library. My 1 kernal of optimism is that DP will happen eventually, 5-6 years, and as frustrating as that sounds it would still be faster to screen that Spidey, X-Men and FF.

Please just manage expectations, thats all I'm saying in regards to Deadpool. Nothing moves fast in Hollywood.... Except Divergent."

Director Tim Miller is still attached to the movie, with Ryan Reynolds in the lead. The screenplay has been written, and is constantly being updated. It's still unclear who leaked the footage, but 20th Century Fox has not yet asked for it to be taken down. Its possible that the studio themselves leaked the footage to test audience reaction to the character. If our shares are any indication, this thing will be a monster hit!

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