E! Online has posted the first TV Spot for the sixth and final season of Lost, which will premiere in late January or early February of 2010. Click below to watch this new teaser trailer.

So, why wasn't there any new footage to speak of in this video? E! Online also has the answer to that also, as it seems the first few episodes, in their entirety, are spoilers.

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I'm hearing from Lost sources that every single shot of the first few episodes are so revealing that the producers have convinced ABC to NOT SHOW A SINGLE FRAME before the new season airs. No promo scenes, no photos, no nada! So you will be completely in the dark, but it is for good reason: The twists they're planning are so good, you will WANT to be surprised. Trust me. Your mind gonna go kaplewey.

We'll be sure to keep you updated on any and all developments surrounding this final season of Lost as soon as we have more information.