The brand new episode of Crash's second season, Always See Your Face, will debut on Friday, October 2 at 10 PM ET on Starz. However, if you dont' want to wait another day, you can watch the full episode right here! Just click below to watch this second episode of the second season before anyone else.

After his near-death experience, billionaire Seth Blanchard (Eric Roberts), tries to make sense of what he saw and whether God-if there is a God-has a plan in mind for him. Blanchard's right-hand woman Andrea Schillo (Julie Warner) warns him stockholders are losing confidence since word of his collapse has spread, and urges him to hit the town with his wife Maggie (Linda Park) to reassure the world he's fine. However, Blanchard is more interested in revisiting the strip mall to ask security guard Kenny Battaglia (Ross McCall) whether he noticed a bright light when Seth collapsed, and Maggie is waiting for the right moment to drop her own surprise on Seth. Inez (Moran Atias) is treated to breakfast in bed by Jimmy (Dana Ashbrook), then heads out to train the new girl Kim (Jessy Schram) at the gentleman's club, where Inez is paid a threatening visit by a guy who warns her that Jimmy is so in debt that now it's Inez's problem too. In suburbia, Bo Olinville (Jake McLaughlin) is thrilled to get offered a position coaching Tyler Lomand (Spencer Daniels), yet returns to the hobby shop to find his mom (Tess Harper) too ill to care.