Mortal Kombat: Legacy creator Kevin Tancharoen debuted his new short film The Gable 5 on Machinima today, which stars Eliza Dushku and Steve Harris. The story centers on a neurologist (James Morrison) trying to create a drug so powerful it could eliminate modern warfare as we know it. After receiving backing from the government, Gable tries to find five test subjects. Check out the full 10-minute short, then read on for more details about how the film could be expanded into a web series.

In an interview with Crave Online, Eliza Dushku revealed that this short is currently serving as the pilot episode, but the show could continue as a web series if there is enough interest.

"It could live on if people are drawn to this world and interested and find it as thought provoking and epic as we do, then we may get the chance."

The actress also talked about how she was drawn to this futuristic plot, comparing it to Dollhouse, while explaining how she was approached to star by Kevin Tancharoen.

"The Gable 5 is some new badassery conceived by Kevin Tancharoen, who is an extension of my Whedon family. He is Maurissa (Tancharoen)'s little brother and Maurissa is married to Jed (Whedon), who is also Joss' little brother. He approached me with this idea and the concept was something that I was really excited about. I loved this idea of deconstructing science and psychology to change current and future humanity. It's something that we attempted - and were limited in doing - with Dollhouse. It's in the same vein and we of course, jam packed it full of asskicking."

Stay tuned to find out if The Gable 5 becomes the next web series from Kevin Tancharoen.