Showtime's hit series Nurse Jackie returns with its third season tonight, March 28 at 10 PM ET on Showtime. If you don't have Showtime or happened to miss this highly-anticipated Season 3 premiere, you can watch the full episode right here! Take a look at this full episode below.

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Edie Falco is back in her Emmy-winning role with a bitingly funny new season of the Showtime Original Series, Nurse Jackie. On the worst day of your life, Jackie's the nurse you want in your corner. But nobody said she's perfect. If her husband and best friend think one little intervention's going to put an end to her pill-popping ways, they don't know Jackie. Don't miss the return of the hit series Nurse Jackie, premiering Monday, March 28 at 10 PM ET/PT - followed by the season premiere of United States of Tara - only on Showtime.