In anticipation of the two and a half hour Lost series' finale Episode 6.17: "The End", which airs this Sunday May 23rd, a series of fourteen Lost cast audition videotapes have been uncovered. Each tape features one of our favorite Lost actors auditioning for the part that made them famous, with some actors audition for roles they didn't get.

In the video clips below, you will see Harold Perrineau auditioning as Michael, Dominic Monaghan auditioning as Sawyer, Jorge Garcia auditioning as Sawyer, Maggie Grace auditioning as Shannon, Michael Emerson auditioning as Hurley, Matthew Fox auditioning as Sawyer, Josh Holloway auditioning as Sawyer, Ian Somerhalder auditioning as Boone, Evangeline Lilly auditioning as Kate, Yunjin Kim auditioning as Kate, Daniel Dae Kim auditioning as Jin Kwon, Naveen Andrews auditioning as Sayid, Emilie de Ravin auditioning as Claire, and Malcolm David Kelley auditioning as Walt.

To watch each Lost audition tape, click on the video clips below:

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B. Alan Orange