Showtime is debuting Season 2 of Shameless tonight, Sunday, January 8 at 9 PM ET with Episode 2.01: Summertime. We have the entire episode right here, and you can click on the video player below to watch the Season 2 premiere of Shameless.

It's summertime in Chicago and the Gallagher's are hustling.

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Despite her breakup with Steve, Fiona seems to be doing just fine. She's bartending at a local hotspot with Veronica, hanging out with a successful young exec and enjoying her is, after all, the only time of year she has to let loose. Jasmine introduces her sugar daddy, David to Fiona.

Meanwhile, at the Gallagher House, Debbie is running a daycare with Carl. Ian takes over at the Kash and Grab when Kash leaves town. Lip is running a Little League book and helping Kev out with their annual ice cream/pot truck. However, Kev may be in over his head when his crop overflows thanks to Ethel's green thumb.

Despite Eddie's disappearance, Sheila is taking small steps to finally leave the house. Frank loses a bet and surrenders Liam as collateral to a very angry man named 'Baby.'