Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina the Teenage Witch) has directed a remake of The Watcher in the Woods starring Angelica Huston for Lifetime and we have a first-look at the official trailer. Lifetime is reimagining the cult classic thriller that is based off of the 1976 novel by Florence Engel Randall and based in part off of the 1980 version of the movie that starred Bette Davis. The original movie was plagued by production difficulties and was even pulled from theaters to be re-edited before reemerging in 1981.

Melissa Joan Hart has reimagined the 1980 cult classic and now you can check out the first released footage from the upcoming Lifetime movie. The trailer comes to us courtesy of Lifetime's official YouTube channel and it looks pretty darn creepy. Angelica Huston stars as Mrs. Alywood, the distraught mother whose daughter, Karen, vanished into the English countryside over 20 years ago. "It's not the woods whispering to you... it's the Watcher" should sound familiar to anybody that has seen the original version of the movie, but Huston delivers the line in a more sinister fashion. The entire trailer looks dark, creepy and suspenseful, not really the sort of thing you think of when you see Melissa Joan Hart's name attached.

Lifetime announced earlier this year that it had green lit the reimagining of Watcher in the Woods and that it would be directed and executive produced by Melissa Joan Hart along with her mother, Paula Hart. This time around the movie takes place in the Welsh hamlet of Northrop, where a local legend about a missing girl fires up again after young Jan Carstair (Tallulah Evans) and her family relocate to the area from the United States. Angelica Huston plays Mrs. Alywood, the creepy neighbor and she notices that her new neighbor resembles the missing daughter, which in turn starts a supernatural mystery into play.

The 1980 version of the movie was produced by Walt Disney Productions when they were taking aim at the young adult market. The original screenings of the movie in 1980 were critically panned and after consideration, the movie was pulled from theaters to reshoot and put in a new ending. The end result gained a few positive reviews, but not the box office success that the studio had hoped for. Fast forward 5 to 10 years later and the movie had gained a considerable cult following that would screen the movie around Halloween.

Melissa Joan Hart's reimaging of The Watcher in the Woods holds some serious clout with Angelica Huston on board and there's a considerable amount of hype surrounding the thriller. The Watcher in the Woods is all set to premiere on October 21st, 2017, just in time for Halloween. In the meantime, there's plenty of time to read the original book and watch the original movie before the movie airs on the Lifetime Network. Make sure you check out the spooky trailer for The Watcher in the Woods below.