The film is still two days away, and Watchmen already has one record in the books. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Watchmen will be released in 3,611 theaters, the largest release ever for an R-rated film.

The new Zack Snyder film breaks the five-year-old record set by The Matrix Reloaded's 3,603-theater rollout. It was also reported that the film will be shown in more than 1,600 theaters for Thursday midnight premieres, a substantial increase from the 656 midnight screenings of Snyder's last film, 300.

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The record-breaking rollout will also include 124 IMAX theaters, all of which will carry a midnight release.

"All will have midnight shows, and that's a function of demand," Imax Filmed Entertainment president Greg Foster said. "If there weren't midnight shows, there would be a riot. The demand is very, very strong."

The demand is so strong, in fact, that the IMAX website crashed four times this week because of traffic surges from users requesting Watchmen ticket information.