WatchmenIt was a great week to be an 80s-era superhero and a modern classic simply crushed all competition. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Watchmen earned a clean sweep on the DVD charts, taking the DVD sales, rentals and Blu-ray sales crown in its first week in release.

The high-powered disc did have some competition though in the fellow new release Coraline, which finished in second place in all three charts in its debut week. Holdover Knowing held strong in third place in all three charts for the week.

The strong showing of all three films in the Blu-ray format could be indicative of the format moving past the early-adopter stage. Watchmen sold an impressive 36% of its total take in the BD format while Coraline took in 18% of its haul in the high-def format and Knowing, in its third week in release, still took in 17% of its third week gross in the 1080p format.