According to The Hollywood Reporter, it is possible that on Tuesday January 20 the Watchmen dispute could be somewhat resolved.

Both studios, Fox and Warner Bros., have allowed Judge Gary A. Feess to figure out if he is going to issue an injunction regarding the film's release.

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Warner Bros. wants things to happen a lot sooner because "time is critical." They plan to release Watchmen on March 6. The studio is in limbo about committing funds to a film they may not be able to release.

This injunction goes back to the ruling Feess gave on Christmas Eve "that Fox has a right to distribute the Zack Snyder adaptation of the popular graphic novel."

In finding that producer Lawrence Gordon had failed to acquire Fox's entire interest in Watchmen, it was deemed that Fox still had the rights to the film.

The current issue is whether this decision will give Fox everything they need to block the release. The other alternative is a trial in which Fox gets money for damages caused by Warner Bros..

Currently, there is a "status conference" set for Friday morning. It is here that it will be figured out where the hearing will happen. Warner Bros. plans to bring witnesses to the conference, while Fox is hoping to block the release due to arguments submitted to the judge in writing."

The hearing could run 2-3 days.