While his latest film extravaganza won't even hit theaters for a few more weeks, director Zack Snyder has already revealed what to expect on the DVD. Collider spoke with Watchmen director Zack Snyder today at the press junket for the film, where he revealed that there will be some extended goodies in store on the DVD.

While the theatrical release of Watchmen is about 2 hours 36 minutes, Zack just told me the DVD/Blu-ray will have two versions to appease the fans that wanted more. RELATED: Zack Snyder Used Watchmen to Inform His Cut of Justice League for HBO Max

There will be a director's cut on the DVD that will be 3 hours 10 minutes and another cut with Tales of the Black Freighter that will be 3 hours 25 minutes!

We'll surely keep you posted on any developments on either the film or DVD versions of Watchmen as soon as we have more information.