The cast of HBO's hit Watchmen series wants you to wash your hands. The world's current state of affairs has put an emphasis on washing one's hands, which really isn't all that hard to do. While we're probably not going to see a season 2 of the series, we do get to see the majority of the cast together, via social distancing. Each member of the cast shot their own part of the washing hands PSA at their respective homes, away from others.

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Stay safe out there.

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Who washes the Washmen? That's the real question here. Watchmen showrunner Damon Lindelof named the new PSA Washmen and shared it on social media to his followers. Regina King, Jean Smart, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Tim Blake Nelson, Jovan Adepo, Dustin Kyle Ingram, Sara Vickers, Tom Mison, and Andrew Howard have all become the Washmen in the PSA, which is quite effective. Washing hands is something that most of the world takes for granted, but it's become of the utmost importance at this current time.

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Making the Watchmen PSA even more serious is the Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross score hanging underneath. It's really what glues all of the clips together into a coherent manner, even making their message sound more dire. Reznor and Ross also released two full albums-worth of material online under the Nine Inch Nails banner for free earlier this week in an effort to keep fans happy who are staying indoors and practicing social distancing. It was a nice treat for long-time fans and a lot of it has similarities to their work on Watchmen. In other words, it's something that should be sought out by fans of the show.

Damon Lindelof created a show that long-time Watchmen fans were sure they were not going to enjoy before they watched it. But, he was able to do the unthinkable and get fans, along with non-fans, on board by creating a rich story inside the world of the Watchmen. In the end, everybody wants more, but it doesn't look like that's going to be a reality since Lindelof has told the story that he wanted to get out there. So, it looks like this PSA might be the last time we see the cast "together," unless Lindelof has a change of heart.

Watchmen star Tom Mison summed up the Washmen PSA video perfectly by stating, "We're not one person. We're a community. Look after each other." This is the attitude that our population needs to hear, so hopefully that gets through to all of the fans and beyond. While staying indoors and washing our hands can get monotonous, it's also the easiest thing to do. It's pretty easy to be safe these days and the Watchmen cast, along with the Contagion cast, want us to all know that. You can check out the Washmen PSA below, thanks to Damon Lindelof's Instagram account.