Adidas is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Adam Sandler's The Waterboy in style. The football comedy is getting ready to cross two decades of existence next month and, in remembrance of the time Bobby Boucher showed up at halftime and helped the SCLSU Mud Dogs win the Bourbon Bowl, Adidas is bringing Mud Dogs apparel into the real world. Yes, starting later this month, those who want to own a Bobby Boucher jersey will have the chance to do so.

The Adidas sports clothing company will release several items related to The Waterboy, but the crown jewel of the collection is naturally the Bobby Boucher Mud Dogs replica jersey, which recreates the original Adidas Mud Dogs uniforms featured in the movie. The jersey is bathed in the classic orange home color and features Boucher in prominent blue lettering on the back. It also features a #9 and the Bourbon Bowl Championship patch on the upper left chest. It's spot-on. Even Bobby Boucher's momma would be proud.

For those who maybe don't see themselves rocking a Bobby Boucher jersey (which will retail for $120), there are several other options. The company is also offering a Coach Klein varsity jacket for $100, an SCLSU (South Central Louisiana State University) hat for $30 and SCLSU water bottles for $20. So there are definitely some options in there for those who don't want to shell out more than $100 bucks but still want to show their love for the movie with a fun and fashionable item. If only we could get them to just put out a shirt that says "water sucks" or "high quality H20."

In addition to these retail items, Adidas will also be doing something else pretty cool for the movie's anniversary. The company will present authentic SCLSU and The Waterboy uniforms to the University Lab High School (ULAB) football team in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Adidas partnered with Riddell to make SCLSU Mud Dogs helmets, which come complete with state-of-the-art head protection to go with the authentic Mud Dogs look. The best-in-state ULAB football team will trade in their Cubs identity in a game against the Mentorship Academy on October 19. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like these helmets are going to be for sale. Though, they would probably be quite expensive. Still, they look pretty authentic.

The Waterboy was originally released on November 6, 1998, and, like most Adam Sandler movies, critics simply weren't having it at the time. However, rallying behind a cast that included Kathy Bates, Fairuza Balk and Henry Winkler as Coach Klein, the movie was a huge success, grossing $185 million worldwide, working from just a $23 million budget. The Waterboy collection will be available for a limited time starting on October 19 over at, for those who want to get in on the action. You can check out images of the collection, as well as a brief teaser commercial, for yourself below.

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