Adam Sandler approves of Ariana Grande's recreations of The Waterboy on social media. The popstar is stuck indoors just like the rest of us and she is getting pretty creative. The world is in a strange place at the moment and social media has become a decent place for entertainment, thanks to people like Sandler and Grande, who have been either performing on late night shows from home, or recreating scenes from a classic 1990s comedy on Twitter.

Ariana Grande and some friends recreated one of The Waterboy's most memorable scenes and shared it on Twitter. Grande is Bobby Boucher and mouthed along to the character's dialogue, while her Victorious co-star Elizabeth Gillies and 13: The Musical star Aaron Simon Gross played the two women trying to seduce Boucher. It's clear that Grande, Gross, and Gillies are all big fans of The Waterboy. The video received a lot of attention online and Adam Sandler even saw it. "Bobby Boucher approves of this message," said the comedian while reposting the video.

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It appears that the women were inspired by the reactions to their original scene from The Waterboy because they did it again. Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies are back, along with Grande's mother, who plays Mama Boucher. In terms of quality, this latest video is much better and finds all three women channeling the comedy of Adam Sandler while practicing safe social distancing norms. However, the best part about the whole situation is the fact that Grande is providing some much-needed laughter to her fans from around the world, while keeping her connected to friends and family at the same time.

Adam Sandler was recently on Jimmy Fallon's show from home, where he sang a song that was very appropriate for today's world. Sandler also revealed that he wasn't a huge fan of Fallon's impressions of him back in the day on Saturday Night Live because he thought they were kind of annoying and possibly making fun of him. He did sign off on the impressions, but it was only recently that he figured out they were fun. He also remembered getting the cold shoulder from people he did impressions of, so that may have had something to do with his own thoughts on the matter.

Adam Sandler has come a long way since starting out on Saturday Night Live. There were a lot of people who thought an Academy Award nomination was in the cards for his performance in last year's Uncut Gems, but that didn't happen. Kathy Bates ended up with a nomination and Sandler mentioned The Waterboy while congratulating her online. No matter how far he's come in his long career, there are plenty of people who go back to remind the comedian about some of his biggest characters. Booby Boucher is definitely one of those characters. You see Adam Sandler's Twitter response to Ariana Grande's videos below.