You can stop holding your breath. Waterworld is finally getting the Blu-ray treatment on October 20th. Kevin Costner's notoriously over-budget look at an apocalyptic future will wash into stores at a cost of $26.98 SRP. This new high-definition transfer will include the original theatrical version, not the longer version broadcast on network TV that was released on standard DVD late last year.

Imagine a future without dry land. A future where the earth, covered in water, has evolved into a gritty, nautical society held together by determination and ingenuity. The inhabitants of this once-flourishing planet cling to life on incredible floating cities, their existence constantly threatened by Smokers, bands of marauding pirates who roam the featureless surface of what is now known as Waterworld!

Special Features:

  • BD Live - Basic Download Center
  • - Teaser Trailer
  • - D-Box Motion Control