Wayne Allwine, who followed Walt Disney when he lent his falsetto voice to Mickey Mouse for the past 32 years, has died.

Allwine passed from complications from diabetes at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles on Monday. He was 62.

Allwine was only one of three people to voice the famed character. Disney voiced Mickey Mouse in 1928. It was for the film Steamboat Willie. Jimmy Macdonald did the voice from 1947 to 1977 when Allwine took over.

Allwine voiced the rodent in Mickey's Christmas Carol, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and The Prince and the Pauper. He also voiced the character for Disney theme parks, television, radio and live stage events.

Allwine was born in Glendale in 1947. He started working for Disney in 1966. He then got into sound-effects working on Disney films like Splash and Three Men and a Baby.

Allwine leaves behind his wife, Russi Taylor, who did the voice of Minnie Mouse, and five children.