Anyone who's ever written a screenplay knows how hard it is to break into Hollywood, with all of its gatekeepers in place to keep unsolicited material out of the system. Canadian writer Trevor Schindeler has spent over 23 years trying to get someone in Hollywood to read his story idea for Wayne's World 3, which is entitled Wayne's Leisure World, and now he's taking another approach by asking fans to help through the crowd-sourcing website Go Fund Me. The writer is seeking $2,500, not to help fund the production himself, but to purchase billboard space in Los Angeles, in hopes that someone in "Fortress Hollywood" will notice it. Here's what he had to say about how he started this Wayne's World journey.

"Wayne's World, starring Mike Myers as Wayne and Dana Carvey as Garth, was released in 1992. Wayne's World 2 was released in 1993. Shortly thereafter, the plot line for Wayne's Leisure World came to mind and I felt compelled to write a synopsis. On July 7, 1993, I registered my work with the Writers Guild of American, West, Inc. Being young and naively optimistic, much like Wayne and Garth themselves, I assumed that I could get someone inside Fortress Hollywood to read my work. Surely, Hollywood is looking for great stories. I sent out query letters to everyone associated with the Wayne's World franchise including producers, directors, writers, and actors. I was stonewalled. No one would even read my synopsis."
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The Go Fund Me page includes photos of rejection letters he got back from original Wayne's World director Penelope Spheeris, writers Bonnie Turner and Terry Turner, along with a number of talent and literary agencies in Hollywood, all of whom refused to read his synopsis. Several years later, he went ahead and wrote a script himself, which he posted a download link to on his Go Fund Me page. He even has a "trailer" on the crowd-funding site, which is just footage from the first two movies along with some choice words about the studios who refused to read his story, and a Photoshopped poster that depicts Wayne and Garth with grey hair. Here's the plot description of Wayne's Leisure World plot as outlined in the trailer.

"It's the year 2047. Wayne and Garth have settled down and are enjoying their golden years. Not. As you know, the future is never a happy place. The world has gone mental. Vegetarians run wild. Everyone's listening to whale music. An evil genius has cornered us in a fast food market. And don't get us started about robots. Will rock and roll save the day?"

As of now, Trevor Schindeler has raised $530 of his $2,500 goal in one month for this L.A. billboard, so it seems he still has a long road ahead if he wants someone in "Fortress Hollywood" to see this billboard. With the script available for anyone to download on the crowd-funding page, we'll have to wait and see if anyone will actually respond to this unique campaign. What do you think about Trevor Schindeler's quest to get Wayne's Leisure World made into a movie?

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