Mike Myers and Dana Carvey are back as Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar for the Wayne's World Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial. The beloved duo first teased their return in last weekend's Saturday Night Live episode as they reflected on 2020. The short teaser was just enough to get fans excited, but now we have a full-length commercial, which comes in with some added help from pop star Cardi B, who seems to be having a lot of fun with her new friends.

As for why the world needs Wayne's World right now, the answer is pretty obvious, according to Dana Carvey. "The opportunity to partner with Uber Eats to support local restaurants and make people laugh was a no brainer," he said. "Wayne and Garth are the happiest characters we've ever played, and it just seemed like the world really needs them right now." The aim of the Uber Eats Super Bowl ad campaign is to promote local businesses that are currently struggling, due to the public health crisis.

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Cardi B went on to provide some more details about the Wayne's World reunion and the goals of the Uber Eats Super Bowl ad campaign. "Y'all know I love to eat, and right now we have got to be supporting our local restaurants - like The Griddle Cafe in LA," the rapper said. "So many spots are struggling right now, and it's up to us to EAT LOCAL! That's why I teamed up with Uber Eats and my boys Wayne & Garth to help." She added that Uber Eats is going to donate $20 million to local businesses while also providing free delivery on the day of the big game.

Over the next six months, Uber Eats will take the money they have raised to try and get people to eat at local-owned restaurants. $4.5 million of the cash will come in the form of micro-grants to independent restaurants located around the country. "We're so excited to partner with Mike Myers and Dana Carney to bring Wayne's World back to help support local restaurants," Uber creative director Danielle Hawley said. "We hope that by reuniting local access stars Wayne and Garth, accompanied by none other than Cardi B on the Super Bowl stage, we encourage America to Eat Local."

Josh Gad previously hosted a Wayne's World reunion at the end of last year, which gained nearly a million views. As for the Super Bowl ads with Uber Eats, they should also gain a ton of attention, which many hope will convince Mike Myers and Dana Carvey to get together for a new project. There is no talk of anything at the moment, but hopefully the two comedians will bring Wayne and Garth back at some point down the line. While we wait to find out, you can check out the Super Bowl commercial above, thanks to the Uber Eats YouTube channel.