Wayne's World was nearly a very different movie. Dana Carvey says that he actually quit a few weeks before production was set to begin. The comedian plays Garth Algar in the movie alongside his Saturday Night Live co-star Mike Myers, who plays Wayne Campbell. The comedy was a huge success and built off of the popularity of the Wayne and Garth characters from SNL. However, Carvey didn't feel like he was being given a fair shake when it came down to the script.

In a new interview with satellite radio personality Howard Stern, Dana Carvey was asked about working on Wayne's World. Mike Myers was writing the script with Bonnie Turner and Terry Turner while Carvey was throwing in his ideas. However, there were some changes made. Carvey explains.

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"Mike was writing it, and I was putting stuff in. Then I would see that the stuff wasn't in anymore. And so I actually, three weeks before we started shooting, said 'thanks, but no thanks.' I actually quit the movie."

Dana Carvey walked from Wayne's World and nobody believed he was serious. But, the comedian was serious and left, only to come back once he was able to contribute to the creative process in a more involved way. Carvey's Garth character has a lot of scene-stealing going on and a most of it was stuff Carvey adlibbed. Before he expressed his dissatisfaction, the movie barely had any Garth in it, which would have been a major mistake. Thankfully, everything worked out in the end.

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey are still not on the best of terms due to the creative friction of working together on Wayne's World and Wayne's World 2. Howard Stern tried to talk to Carvey about their relationship and it seems they have a sibling-like dynamic going on. The comedian did admit that he is ready to talk with Myers about their past in an effort to squash things and move forward. Carvey wasn't the only one who ran into some trouble from Mike Myers on the set of Wayne's World. Director Penelope Spheeris butted heads with the actor right from the start and insinuated that he was pretty difficult.

Howard Stern also asked Dana Carvey about Mike Myers lifting his Lorne Michaels impression for Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers franchise. Carvey took the high road and did not confirm, nor deny that Myers had done anything wrong. Instead, he did say he was the first out of anybody from SNL to do an impression of Michaels. It seems like making Wayne's World was not as fun as it looks on the screen, which is a shame. Regardless, Carvey is still deeply proud of what he and Myers were able to accomplish with the movie. You can check out the interview with Dana Carvey below, thanks to the Howard Stern Show YouTube channel.