In the movie Red Dawn, the Wolverines, who are defending the US against a Russian/Cuban invasion, discuss the battle with a gunner from the air force. Basically, they want to know why the US and Russia had to have a nuclear war. The Colonel from the air force, deftly played by Powers Boothe essentially says, "They're the two toughest kids on the block, eventually they're going to fight."

Well, we have a similar epic battle brewing between the universes of DC and Marvel. More specifically, between the Suicide Squad and the Avengers. Initially, it might seem that Marvel has DC licked harder than a postage stamp. However, given how Marvel basically stunk up Comic-Con with a dull Doctor Stranger trailer and rehashed information about Captain Marvel and Spider-Man, it seems as if DC finally has the opportunity to pounce.

And given how well received their Wonder Woman and Justice League trailers were at the the recent Con, it seems like DC Films is seizing this opportunity. It is as if they realized that, as talented as he may be, they can't pin all of their hopes for a multilayered universe on Zack Snyder. Furthermore, they seem to have injected their world with much needed levity, and as a result their efforts are resonating widely.

Bolstering all of this is the obvious fact that if push came to shove, if the rubber were really to meet the road, the Suicide Squad would wipe the floor with the Avengers. It wouldn't be easy. There would be a lot of broken bones and everything else along the way, but, once the dust settled it is pretty apparent who would be standing on top.

Without giving too much away, we give you '7 Obvious Ways the Suicide Squad Could Demolish The Avengers'. Sure, to just glance at that headline it might seem like a joke or "click bait." However, when you read the pages that follow, you will find that what has been presented is a thoughtful article on why Force X ultimately trumps the mighty Avengers.

Suicide Squad Refuses to Fight Fair

<strong><em>Suicide Squad</em></strong> Fair Fight

As was very evident in Captain America: Civil War, the Avengers are too concerned with trying to do the right thing before they actually do anything. This would be okay if it was the real world and they were sitting with their fingers on the nuclear trigger. They are not. They are comic book heroes. While I get that the people creating the comics are trying to say something grander about society, this is probably the biggest advantage the Suicide Squad would have in a battle royal. If the chips are down they aren't going to be concerned with the safety of the people around them. Furthermore, they would probably use the Avengers ethics and morals against them. Aside from this, you have a coterie of people like Harley Quinn, El Diablo, Rick Flag (among others) who are just batshit crazy. If Deadshot's ultimate desire is to die in a grand way, what the heck is he going to care about in a battle with the bleeding heart Avengers?

Suicide Squad has Street Smarts

<strong><em>Suicide Squad</em></strong> Street Smarts

Sure the Avengers have fought some crazy battles against beings like Loki and Ultron. Yes, they did some pretty earth shattering things in Sokovia. However, the Avengers are gonna need at least 2-3 more Visions and Scarlet Witch's to even be able to show up. Just look at the worlds that the characters of Suicide Squad inhabit. It is dark, dirty and wholly unpredictable. The Avengers are fighting for the people. They're fighting for justice and everything that is good in our society. They are with the people. The Suicide Squad isn't with anybody. Captain Boomerang is going to do his thing. His boomerangs are going to fly if the situation gets too hot and he's not going to care who he hurts. His ability to sense when things are going to pop off gives him a distinct advantage over the Avengers. Killer Croc's animalistic tendencies are the difference between his survival or death. Katana brings a knowledge of how superheroes think but is not afraid to embrace the dark side. Lastly, with Slipknot's ability to handle ropes and fearlessness in the face of losing appendages, it is fairly apparent that he's gonna do whatever it take to win in a fight. I could also mention Batman's role in this and how seeing his parents die in the street ups his cred, but I think you get the idea. Suicide Squad isn't gonna let a bunch of superheroes punk them in a contest of street knowledge.