BBC Newsround reports that the production team behind Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has started casting the role of Luna Lovegood.

Members of the casting department are currently visiting schools across the UK to try and cast the role of the strange fourth year Ravenclaw student. Luna becomes friends with Harry in the fifth adventure despite her rather odd view on life in the wizarding world. She's one of several new characters such as Professor Umbridge.

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Aspiring Luna's can also send their details to this address.

Luna Lovegood Casting

c/o Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix

Leavesden Studios

PO Box 322


WD25 7XJ

You need to send a photo, your age and your contact details and please don't fax or phone the studios, only write. They won't be able to reply to everyone, but they will contact anyone they're interested in auditioning for the part.