A controversial new teaser trailer for the PG rated Wii game We Dare has been making the rounds, and we aren't featuring it for its weird, kinky footage straight out of a 1960s swinger party gone 2006 douche bag hipster get-together. No. This Youtube video caught our eye because it ends with a choose your own adventure style option that allows you to click into different videos via a parental code. There are four different endings, and they all end with the game players getting it on or getting naked. What is We Dare, exactly? And what does this type of trailer mean for other trailers in the near future? As they will surely start utilizing this option, giving audiences a new and different look at any given movie.

Here is the trailer in question.

We Dare is a new videogame from Ubisoft that propositions players with various sexually suggestive activities and positions. The game will only be available Overseas for the time being.