Netflix took to Instagram to share the news that Christopher Landon's We Have a Ghost is in production. The family adventure flick penned and directed by Landon, known for Freaky and Happy Death Day, has a stellar cast that gets to tell a ghost story with a modern day twist. What happens when you really prove ghosts are real?

Captioned with a few ghost emojis, "A friendly ghost turns a family into overnight social media sensations-and CIA targets. Anthony Mackie, David Harbour, Jahi Di'Allo Winston, Tig Notaro and Jennifer Coolidge will star in writer-director Christopher Landon's We Have a Ghost, now in production!" We Have a Ghost is an adaptation of the story, 'Ernest' written by Geoff Manaugh that was published in Vice back in October 2017.

The film follows Kevin and his family, who find a ghost named Ernest haunting their new home and get turned into overnight social media sensations. But when Kevin and Ernest go rogue to investigate the mystery of Ernest's past, they become a target of the CIA. Manaugh calls it a 'socially mediated ghost story.' The film that will star Anthony Mackie (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier), David Harbour (Black Widow), Jahi Di'Allo Winston (Charm City Kings), Tig Notaro (Army of the Dead) and Jennifer Coolidge (The White Lotus).

Christopher Landon's in his sweet spot smack in the middle of comedy and horror. Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, about three scouts, on a camp-out, discovering the true meaning of friendship when they attempt to save their town from a zombie outbreak opened to mixed reviews. He, however, found his fans with Happy Death Day, about a college student who must relive the day of her murder over and over again, in a loop that will end only when she discovers her killer's identity, The crossover horror film with a comedic twist was a hit. And his fans were thrilled with Freaky, a twist on Freaky Friday.The film centers on a teenage girl who unintentionally switches bodies with a middle-aged male serial killer played by Vince Vaughn.

Landon's next project will be a definite departure from his formula. He is currently finishing up his TV series reboot of his father, Michael Landon's hit TV show of the 1980's Highway to Heaven. Michael Landon played Jonathan Smith, an angel sent to Earth in order to help people in need. Victor French, Landon's co-star from Little House on the Prairie, co-starred as Mark Gordon, a retired policeman who traveled with and helped Smith with his tasks or 'assignments,' to which they are referred.

The series was created and executive produced by Christopher Landon, who also directed most of the show's episodes. The reboot will star Jill Scott (First Wives Club) in a gender-switching lead role, and Barry Watson (The Loudest Voice). Scott also serves as an executive producer. Scott will be the new angel, Angela, who comes down to Earth to help people in crisis. Watson portrays junior high school principal Bruce to whom Angela reveals her true identity. There's no release date yet set for either projects.