Laura Leighton stars as Cate, the editor of a magazine named Perfect, which helps readers get everything they want in their lives. Cate thinks she herself has the perfect life, but soon discovers it is anything but perfect.

When she was a small girl, her mother died and her father felt ill-equipped to take care of a young daughter so he sent her off to live with relatives, promising her he would soon come for her. Cate never saw him again. Now Cate is a successful businesswoman engaged to a billionaire and everything seems rosy, until she receives a package containing the cremated remains of her father with a request that she take him back to their home town of New Kerry, Massachusetts and have his ashes scattered at the same place where years before they disposed of her mother's remains. He also requested his old friends sing at his memorial.

Cate reluctantly takes on this request and returns to her home town along with her assistant. While there Cate has to convince her father's two friends to put aside their long-time feud and sing together at the memorial. She also meets Connor, an attorney in the town who challenges her faith in her own life. Cate and Connor soon discover they have feelings for each other, but Cate is stubborn and insists her life in the city is perfect.

As Cate searches her own feelings, she begins to question her path in life. Faced with her past and the future she has planned out, she wonders if her heart is really where it should be.

This is an entertaining story for both men and women. Daniel's Daughter premiers on Hallmark Channel January 26th at 9 PM.