There are SPOILERS for Solo: A Star Wars Story below, so read ahead at your own risk. Solo is officially in theaters as of today and many hardcore Star Wars fans already saw the movie last night, which means that there is a lot of talk about Darth Maul's crazy and unexpected cameo at the end of the film. While Darth Maul showing up is pretty awesome, there was another prequel cameo that not many have picked up on, even though the character is right in front of our faces. The cameo in question involves a Star Wars actor who has been around since Return of the Jedi and has had several roles in most of the projects ever since.

Warwick Davis is back for Solo, but this time he's a lot easier to spot than normal since he's not entirely in a mask or costume. Davis is featured in the last portion of the movie as a member of Enfys Nest's Cloud Riders. For most fans, the small cameo was enough. As it turns out, Warwick Davis is portraying Weazel, his character from The Phantom Menace, which is a pretty awesome subtle callback for fans to discover.

Weazel was a member of the Hutt gang on Tatooine's Espa who famously sat in the viewing box with Watto and bet twenty wupiupi that Anakin Skywalker would win the Podrace. As the years went on, Weazel left the Hutt gang and joined up with Enfys Nest as her closest lieutenant and most trusted spy, even tracking down Tobias Beckett's crew to Savareen in Solo. One of the only ways to tell that Warwick Davis is playing Weazel is because of his long hair and then waiting for the credits to roll.

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The funny thing about having Warwick Davis reprise his role from The Phantom Menace is that Solo director and friend of George Lucas, Ron Howard, was originally approached to direct the first of the prequel films. However, Howard turned down the opportunity at the time, which may be why he chose to throw in more than a few hidden (and not so hidden) Easter Eggs from the prequels. Whatever the case may be, the prequels seem to have been taken on by the younger generation of Star Wars fans who have been pretty happy with Solo because of the callbacks.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is currently in theaters and gaining praise by fans who have seen the spin-off. Many hardcore fans were angry when Lucasfilm announced the young Han Solo movie and grew more skeptical about the project when the behind-the-scenes drama was made public. But, many Star Wars fans have left the theater pleasantly surprised by what Ron Howard was able to pull off in a chaotic environment. You can check out the official description of Warwick Davis' Weazel at the Star Wars Leaks Reddit.

Warwick Davis as Weazel in Solo
Warwick Davis as Weazel in The Phantom Menace
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