Get your wedding on this January.

Wedding Daze will be released on DVD on January 15. The disc will be dual-sided and will hold both the widescreen and fullscreen versions of the film. The disc will be priced at an SRP of $26.98. The film stars Jason Biggs and Isla Fisher.


The romantic comedy Wedding Daze stars Jason Biggs as Anderson, a young man all set to ask his girlfriend to marry him when, during the actual proposal, she dies. After spending a year in a depression, Anderson impulsively asks a waitress named Katie (Ilsa Fisher) to marry him even though they have never met. When she surprisingly agrees, the two must deal with the reactions of their respective friends and families. The supporting cast includes Joe Pantoliano as Katie's convict father. Michael Ian Black, formerly of The State and Ed, made his directorial debut with this film.

Special Features:

- Deleted and Alternate Scenes:

- Dancer (Alternate Opening)

- Heart Explode

- Eating Chicken