Fans have been doing their own fantasy casting for Tim Burton's upcoming reboot of The Addams Family on Netflix, and one name some fans have suggested for Wednesday Addams would be Lily-Rose Depp. As previously announced, Burton's series will follow an older Wednesday Addams as a student at Nevermore Academy where she uses her psychic abilities to solve mysteries. Dubbed Wednesday, the series will be Burton's small screen debut.

No official casting announcements have yet been made for any character on Wednesday, which means fans have been speculating nonstop over who might play the next live-action The Addams Family. One particularly popular choice for Gomez is Oscar Isaac, who voices the family patriarch in the 2019 animated reboot. Bohemian Rhapsody star Rami Malek is another name that's come up often with fans as a talented actor who also looks the part. Some fans of The Mandalorian have also suggested Pedro Pascal.

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Still, for many Tim Burton fans, Johnny Depp is the obvious choice for the role. Given their frequent collaborations in the past, it wasn't long before many saw Depp as a good candidate. It only helps that he previously starred in another reboot of a classic horror-themed TV series, with Depp featured in Burton's Dark Shadows movie in 2012. As such, ever since Wednesday was first announced, there have been many of Depp's fans hoping to see him get the part, with some going so far as to imagine it with fan art.

Of course, Gomez will likely be featured in a limited capacity in the new series with Wednesday moving out of the family home to attend college. The star of the show is obviously Wednesday, and her casting will be the most important decision Burton and the producers will need to make. Like Gomez, there's no real shortage of names people would like to see in the role. According to recent rumors, Jenna Ortega (The Babysitter: Killer Queen) and Bailee Madison (Brothers) are two names currently under consideration.

Some fans have also called for Lily-Rose Melody Depp to play Wednesday. After launching her acting career with a small role in Kevin Smith's Tusk, Depp later co-starred with Harley Quinn Smith in the spinoff Yoga Hosers; both movies also featured Johnny. She'd later impress critics with her roles in other movies like The Dancer, Planetarium, The King, and A Faithful Man, picking up multiple Most Promising Actress nominations.

As she's proven herself to be a capable actress and certainly has that Wednesday look, Lily-Rose is quite frankly a great choice to lead Wednesday as it is, even if her father doesn't end up playing Gomez. It would make it all the better if both were to end up getting these roles, as it seems to be the perfect project to feature both Depps in the same movie. With or without Johnny, it would still be interesting to see Burton working with a new Depp in the lead with Lily-Rose following in her father's footsteps.

Meanwhile, Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday Addams in the original two Addams Family movies of the 1990s, is rumored to be in the running for Morticia. If the Depps just so happen to be cast in the project, this would also mark another interesting reunion, as Johnny and Ricci previously co-starred in the gothic supernatural horror movie Sleepy Hollow - another movie that just so happened to be directed by Tim Burton.

It's unclear when Wednesday will make its way to Netflix. Until casting decisions are officially announced, fans will continue to discuss who they might most want to see in certain roles. Time will tell if either Depp is ultimately cast. In the meantime, Lily-Rose Depp can be seen in the new sci-fi movie Voyagers, which was released by Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment in April.

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