First, lets add a little more fuel to the fire that seems to be a pop culture event that Star Wars and Spiderman may have trouble topping: Lord of the Rings. The reviews are in, and everything seems to shatter all expectations (The internet Movie Database averages 9.6 out of 10 on the user ratings). Critic Christopher Tookey states, "Critics who gave five-star ratings to Chris Columbus' competent but uninspired Harry Potter movie are going to have to find 10 if they are to do justice to Fellowship of the Ring." Wow. Read more reviews here.

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Movie Picture reports X-Men 2, the sequel to the $300 million worldwide grossing action flick, will begin shooting in Canada this May. Director singer, though quiet on the matter, told Daily Variety, “there will be some really interesting new characters, both young and old." Movie news states, “Rumor has it that Professor X and his archival, Magneto, will join forces to battle the new mutants, one of whom will likely be Nightcrawler.” Slated for yet another event-movie packed summer, X-Men 2 will be released in 2003, competing with The Matrix: Reloaded and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

Speaking of Terminator 3, Dark Horizons has posted Warner Bros. casting break down for the new film. This breakdown confirms that Edward Furlong will not be showing himself in the new movie. Check out the breakdown here.

Fulfilling the satirical needs of the entire moving going public (divided into two groups: Those who liked Pearl Harbor and those who didn’t), aspiring filmmaker Robert Moniot is proud to present: Pearl Harbor 2: Pearlmageddon – an amazingly clever spoof making fun of and/or honoring all that is the cheese of renowned action director Michael Bay. Check it out over on iFILM, and be sure to stay long enough for the generic power ballad during the credits.

Speaking of which, reports Bay will have some sort of directorial and/or production involvement with a Fargo-esque dark comedy about unprofessional bank robbing steroid fiends who mess up a murder. Titled “Pain and Gain,” the project most likely won’t hit the ground until Bay pumps out something more along the lines of Bad Boys 2 or I Am Legend with Schwarzenegger (the comeback continues!).

I think Hollywood Insider said something like 1% of Europe’s entire population already owns advanced tickets to Lord of the Rings. Crazy... ~Steve