Harvey and Bob Weinstein kicked off their new Miriam Collection with the January 29 release of El Cid, and they have just announced that many more are to come. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the next disc in the brothers collection - that is named after their mother - will be Fall of the Roman Empire, which will hit the shelves on April 29. The 1961 film stars Alec Guiness, Omar Sharif and Sophia Loren.

"The Miriam Collection is a very personal selection of films," Harvey Weinstein said. "The brand is not only about remastering films for the best picture and sound but also to showcase the backstory of each film and develop compelling features that complement the title."

"Fall of the Roman Empire, for example, is fully loaded," Weinstein added. "It looks and sounds astonishing, and the bonus materials fully explore the sheer magnitude and grandeur of making a film of this scale in a time long before the advent of CGI."

The Weinsteins' DVD version of "Roman Empire" will come in an elegantly packaged three-disc limited collector's edition that features a host of extras, both on the discs and in the package. The picture and sound have been digitally remastered. Extras include a commentary by Bill Bronston, son of producer Samuel Bronston, and film expert Mel Martin; a reproduction of the original 1964 souvenir program; a behind-the-scenes look at the fall of the real Roman Empire; a detailed "making of" docu; five Encyclopedia Britannica featurettes on the Roman Empire; and a set of six color production stills.

Weinstein added that they plan to release 12-15 films per year under this banner, and that upcoming titles will include Circus World, 55 Days at Peking, the documentary Joy Division: Under Review, Control and Stephen Frears' The Deal.