The Weinstein Co. have picked up the five novels behind Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and have plans to bring the Oscar-winning film to life in the theater.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that they have acquired the worldwide rights to Crane -- Iron Pentalogy, a series of five martial arts novels written by Wang Du Lu. They include Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon the fourth novel in the group but the first of them planned for theatrical productions. The others include Crane Frightens KunLun, Precious Sword Golden HairpinSword Spirit Pearl Light and Iron Knight Silver Vase.

Harvey Weinstein also envisions "a series of great films, much like the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy" from the books, which follow three generations of a fighting family during the Qing dynasty. "I think this an opportunity to create something revolutionary," he said. They will in effects serve as prequels and sequels to Crouching Tiger, which will not itself be remade for the screen.