'Weird Al' Yankovic Chia Pets are finally here, featuring the "Like a Surgeon" and "Dare to be Stupid" singer as he would appear with bushy, green hair. After acquiring the Chia Pet brand, the famous toy company NECA has been launching some of the most amazing versions of the terracotta collectibles we've seen yet. Depicting the '80s and '90s version of Yankovic with his trademark eyeglasses and mustache, the foliage on his head hilariously recreates the style of curly hair Yankovic brandished on his scalp at the time. The Chia Pet also wears one of Yankovic's oddly-designed shirts as well, because it certainly wouldn't be "Weird Al" without that.

"Weird Al" isn't the only new Chia Pet on the way from NECA, as he's part of a line including several other interesting additions. That includes presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid, Pennywise the Dancing Clown from IT, and Poppy the Troll from Trolls World Tour. Some of the other fun Chia Pets to be released in recent years include the four leading ladies from The Golden Girls, Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin from Stranger Things, Chewbacca and Yoda from Star Wars, Rick and Morty from Rick and Morty, and a potted Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.

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According to the product description, the handmade "Weird Al" Chia Pet "comes to life in days, with full growth in 1-2 weeks" when using the instructions provided. Also included is a packet of Chia seeds which is good for three plantings, though similar seeds like basil and alfalfa can also be used and the Chia Pet can be used for plantings indefinitely. The only real issue is where you're going to display the "Weird Al" Chia Pet, but there's no reason to believe it won't look beautiful in your home regardless of where it sits. Collectors might also want to buy a second box to keep one forever packaged in the box as well.

Yankovic is of course best known as the most famous song parodist of all time. Ever since the 1980's, Yankovic has maintained a very successful music career by spoofing some of the most popular songs from pop culture over the years. His Michael Jackson parodies in particular helped introduce him to a mainstream audience in the '80s, and he'd remain just as popular in the '90s with big hits like "Smells Like Nirvana" and "Amish Paradise." From "White & Nerdy" to "Perform This Way" to "Tacky," Yankovic has consistently spoofed pop music's most popular songs and still goes on tour with unforgettable live performances. NECA previously released a Weird Al Yankovic action figure.

The "Weird Al" Yankovic Chia Pets from NECA are not shipping until July, but they're popping up for pre-order at various retail outlets online. One thing that's for sure is that once you start watering the famous parodist's head in your house, the world of in-home gardening will never, ever be the same again. You can pre-order one now and read more information about the product over at Big Bad Toy Store.

Weird Al Yankovic Chia Pet