It's been a bit of a slow week in tinseltown, other than the massive influx of stuff from the Studio publicity machines. Hype, hype and more hype! Here're the latest deals around town...

Rachel Weisz: The actress who recently completed her work on the James Foley film Confidence, is in talks to jump on two projects in a row. Weisz is set to join the Barry Levinson film Envy, opposite Ben Stiller and Jack Black. Pic is about two friends who've always had a friendly rivalry until one of them hits it big and the other gets jealous. The film was co-written by Seinfeld co-creator Larry David.

Weisz is also in talks to join John Cusack, Gene Hackman and Dustin Hoffman in Runaway Jury. Weisz would play Cusack's love interest, and if she takes the role, it would be her second opposite Hoffman who recently had a small role in Confidence.

Liv Tyler: Liv, hot off the success of LOTR, may join Ben Affleck and J. Lo in Kevin Smith's new one, Jersey Girl. Let's hope she's dumped the agent that got her One Night At McCool's.

The Italian Job: Rapper/Actor Mos Def, recently seen acting opposite DeNiro in the hiddeously awful Showtime, has joined the crew of the Mark Wahlberg action film. Also on board is NYC actor Franky G. who recently co-starred with (6 degrees of...) Rachel Weisz in Confidence.

Greg Kinnear: The Oscar nominee (for As Good As It Gets in case you forgot) may join Hayden Christensen in screenwriter/1st time director Billy Ray's film Shattered Glass.

Thanks to: BTR42, The Hollywood Reporter and JusKDNU.

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