The new MovieWeb has been in the works for awhile now, based on feedback from our users and on the social and real-time use trends of the Web. In a nutshell, MovieWeb 4.0 is:

The new faster MovieWeb


With multiple load-balanced servers, CDN, cloud storage and...basically... lots more horsepower, we're doing it better and faster than before. But that's not all. Caching, Ajaxified wizardry and a bit of Java sprinkled about ensure that your ratings, reviews, page-loads, comments, logins, purchases and everything you do, see, discuss and play with on the site will happen faster.

Get Organized With MovieWeb

More Organized

With lots more to do and see, we've substantially improved and enhanced site navigation and functionality. Basically, there are lots of nav elements to get you where you want to go, with drop downs from the main nav-bar, choices on the left margins of many pages as to sectional directions and even lots of ajax ratings, add-to-list features and more. With each page and element within each page, we recommend you play around and discover all the things you can do and see. The important thing is that all the stuff you loved about the content on MovieWeb is still there... but with new ajax tabs and new organization to keep track of all the cool stuff going on around MovieWeb.

The Community Live Feed

More Social

One of the best things that has emerged about both MovieWeb and the web in general is that you can communicate more effectively with friends and new acquaintances. Now, on MovieWeb, you can do it even better! Check out what everyone is doing on the new Community Live Feed on the homepage. Then check your own "Home" page where you'll see a Live Feed of what your friends are doing around the site. Everywhere they rate, review, comment, or upload, you'll be able to quickly check it out! But that's not all. Better and more integrated forums, the ability to upload photos and create galleries are cool new additions as well as improved reviews submissions system. Coming soon... lots more in this area to let you share, compare and generally 'keep up'.

Welcome to the New MovieWeb

More Active

Whether you like to rate, review, comment, list, read or just lurk... MovieWeb's got you covered. With more users reviewing and submitting and commenting, our incredible team is growing at an amazing pace. As more of you review and rate, there's more for our current and new users to read and comment on. We've grown (and are continuing to expand) our video 'library' and are out covering as many films, DVDs, TV shows, set visits, junkets, interviews and opportunities we come across. We're on the streets, at the megaplexes, crawling through Park City, Toronto, (Cannes?), LA, NY, Vancouver and around the globe to get you the best that filmed entertainment has to offer...

Help us make it even better!

Comment below and let us know what you think! Of course, constructive feedback is most useful. Give us as much information as possible. If something is broken, tell us the url, OS and Browser Version.

Now that our new site platform is live, we've got lots we're doing to bring new applications and features to our users. These new additions and features will be faster to add and much richer and more robust. We've got LOTS on our drawing board, so stay tuned! If you carry an iPhone, Blackberry or a Droid, we're gonna hook you up. Lots of features coming to the main site and a few new sites in the works. If there are features, you'd like to see us implement, give use the details! If it's not on the board already, I'm sure we can get it on the list. Your feedback drives the development!

We hope our users and fans LOVE the new MovieWeb as much as we do and we hope you'll love what's next...