MovieWeb is reborn.

Hello movie fans,

With 2005 gone and 2006 upon us we decided to it was only appropriate if things changed around here as well. Uncertain about what to add and what to take away, we decided

"What the heck... lets REDESIGN the whole site"

. So we spent the better of 2005 thinking of ways we could make MovieWeb your one stop shop for everything related to the world of entertainment.

Rather than make you have to click around and go to a bevy of pages until you find what you want, we decided to have a thumbnail of the entire site on our front page. Essentially a user can come here at any time of the day or night and get the most up to date information on whatever Entertainment medium they desire. We have even introduced a new Television section that will provide you with exclusive access to shows and events before they air! And that's just one of the little changes here at the site. These new sections, which we'll outline in full detail a little later this week, provide an easy access way for you to make your MovieWeb experience as entertaining and as efficient as possible. Our users have spoken and we have listened and it's sincerely our goal that when you think of entertainment websites you'll look no further than!

And the fun doesn't stop here...

In 2006 it is our goal to provide our users with everything they need so that they can swim through the shark infested waters of the world wide web and not get gobbled up. We look at it as our job, as our mission to provide you with all the tools you need to as up on whatever entertainment you desire. Stay tuned for tons of weekly updates and upgrades to the new site! You believe your eyes. We promise.

Enjoy the new site, make it your own and most of all...have fun at MovieWeb!

If you were any closer, you'd be in the movie!

- The MovieWeb Team

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