First we brought you Mushy. Then we brought you Droid (RIP). Now, Lights Out embarks into a new relm of movie splendor. Ladies and gentlemen, Lights Out Entertainment is proud to present a brand new weekly column that's gonna knock you're socks off. Welcome to Well Dunne... {@IMG:bjZAuqBYwAa7c2iD6uYUiEFSIk5JAn|Movie [email protected]} I take it that we've all seen the preview/trailer (I think you're only allowed to call it a trailer if you wear a black beret) for the movie Slackers. You know, the one with the twin girls (lesbians?) who moan the word "cool" as their asses rhythmically and hypnotically shake like there were two midgets trapped inside, wiggling, desperately for their freedom (run free my little friends, free!)?

Is it just me, or does this movie seem a little familiar to anybody else? I coulda sworn that I remember seeing a movie called Slackers as I was strolling down the aisles of my local video store on my way to pick up the fabulous Carnosaur 2 (hard to believe, but actually better than the first Carnosaur). Well, upon further investigation (