Get ready for the road trip of a lifetime with We're the Millers, which finds a bumbling suburban weed peddler forced to concoct a family out of thin air in order to transport an RV full of marijuana across the American-Mexican border. In the third character poster for this late summer comedy, we meet David Miller (Jason Sudeikis), drug dealer turned dad. You can also check out his fake children, Kenny the virgin (Will Poulter) and Casey the runaway (Emma Roberts). Stay tuned for tomorrow's Jennifer Aniston poster, which completes the set of four.

We're The Millers Jason Sudeikis Character Poster
<strong><em>We're the Millers</em></strong> Character Poster 2
We're The Millers Character Poster 3 Emma Roberts
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange