Bill Condon's latest series for HBO has picked up three new cast members. According to Deadline, Wes Bentley, David Harbour, and Leland Orser have all boarded the comedy pilot Tilda, which is loosely based on Deadline's own Nikki Finke.

Tilda stars Diane Keaton as Tilda Watski, a powerful female on-line reporter with an eye on Hollywood and a no-holds-barred style that sits uneasy within the industry. Bentley is set to play Watski's young, sexy new IT guy whom she has an affair with. David Harbour is locked as an old school entertainment reporter who butts heads with Tilda. And in a supporting role, Leland Orser will star as a big time producer whose undisciplined behavior on set is exposed by Watski.

Ellen Page is also reported to have signed on for a role in the pilot, which is being directed by Bill Condon. Filming will begin in Los Angeles this June.