Fangoria has revealed that Wes Craven and his son Jonathan will be writing the sequel to this year's The Hills Have Eyes, which is a remake of Craven's 1977 original. Wes Craven produced this year's version.

"We want to continue the story of the miners," Craven tells us. "This time, a group of National Guard screw-ups come face to face with the mutants on their last day of training in the desert. We will take the audience underground [into the mines] as well. The studio, Fox Searchlight, wants the sequel out a year to the day after the last one, so we have to deliver our script in a matter of weeks."

Craven reveals that Alexander Aja had declined to direct the sequel. "We're talking with Michael J. Bassett, now that Alexander is busy on another project [The Waiting]," Craven reveals.

The The Hills Have Eyes sequel will shoot this summer, and Craven himself plans on directing a movie of his own in the next year. "I'm writing a film called BUG," Craven says. "It's an original script, and it's not about killer insects. It's a thriller set in a high school. The bug of the title refers to a surveillance device."

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