According to Moviehole, Wes Craven has a busy schedule ahead of him.

First, and on that latest film, UIP's schedule now lists Craven's Red Eye as Night Flight. According to Moviehole, Night Flight might be the title in the US. The film is being released in October down under.

As well as readying that project, Craven is making sure the Project Greenlight-spawned Feast is ready to go, and he will also be producing an anticipated remake of The Hills Have Eyes, to be directed by by Alexandre Aja. Shooting starts in April.

Next up is Pulse. Craven toyed with the idea of doing the film a few years ago, but production was nixed at the last minute when Miramax decided it was too similar to The Ring than it was it's own movie. Now, apparently the necessary changes have been made and the film will be made this May in Romania. The project is officially a-go with Feast lads Joel Soisson and Mike Leahy producing.

Lastly, according to Craven, in an interview with Fangoria magazine, he spoke briefly about the possibility of Cursed 2. He said that if film makes money, and he is asked to come back and direct he'd tell Dimension

"Good Luck"

, but that is a film he won't be doing.