A new fan-created, viral site has cropped up for Scream 4: WoodsboroHighSchool.com, which is centered around the old school of Sidney Prescott in the fictional Woodsboro. The site is set up like the school's website that has been hacked, littered with easter eggs, although I wonder if it really is a school's site that has been hacked.

Also, in the latest issue of Total Film (via Scream-Trilogy) Wes Craven was asked if there are any more Screams to come after Scream 4:

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"When I initially met with Kevin Williamson, he sketched out what the next two would be, and I found it really fascinating," he concludes. "A lot depends on whether they come up with scripts to flesh out. But certainly, I'm up for it, if the script is there. It's a fascinating thing to do two trilogies in a career."