Movie star Wesley Snipes will be released into the wild, wild west to fight the undead and blast his way into Film4's FrightFest 2012 Saturday, October 27th with the World Premiere of his latest film.

Wesley Snipes is making headlines with his long-awaited and highly-anticipated return to the big screen with the World Premiere of the cowboy wild west- zombie mash-up: Gallowwalkers. Snipes stars as the mysterious gunslinger Aman, who carries a curse. The curse: all those who die by his hand shall return to hunt him. Snipes is forced to blast his way through the old west, while the scores of undead ferociously track him to the bitter end. The film's slogan is "Live by the gun. Die by the gun. Come back for more."

The fans of the star and fans of the wild west and horror genres have been long-awaiting the film's release. Shrouds of mystery and rumor surrounded the film following Wesley's legal complications and headlines of the last several years. However, with PEfPnlgotpJkil|+|Wesley's release imminent (scheduled for the summer of 2013), the film remained "never having been seen" and its release strategy is still a tightly keep secret.

Here's what the films' Producers said in a statement Friday.

"We support Wesley fully in his film career and look forward to his return next summer. We are beyond thrilled to announce Wesley's return in the World Premiere of Gallowwalkers. We couldn't be more excited for the road ahead."

Gallowwalkers is set to World Premiere at the Vue West End, in London's Leicester Square, Saturday October 27th 2012 at 9pm.

Shot in the dusty sands of the Namibian desert, Gallowwalkers was produced and executive produced by Jack Bowyer (under his production shingle Jack Bowyer Productions), Executive Produced by Roger Alan Grad, Ken Ross and Directed by Andrew Goth. Starring alongside Snipes are Riley Smith (90210) and Simona Brhlikova (Casino Royale).