Hardwood Dreams: Ten Years Later: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wesley Snipes has signed on to narrate the Tollin/Robbins documentary Hardwood Dreams: Ten Years Later, a sequel to the company's 1993 docu about five basketball players from Southern California's Morningside High School.

Veteran documentary filmmaker Fredric Golding -- who teamed with Tollin/Robbins to produce the Oscar-nominated documentary Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream -- has writing, directing and producing credits for the next installment of "Hardwood."

The first documentary, also narrated by Snipes, followed five players from the California State Champion Morningside High School basketball team: Sean Harris, Dwight Curry, Dominic Ellison, Stais Boseman and Corey Saffold. Stars of their high school team, the players were all recruited by top colleges, but their lives didn't go quite as planned. "Hardwood Dreams: Ten Years Later" catches up with them a decade after high school.