Actor Wesley Snipes is moving forward with a new movie entitled Code Name Zorro, which looks at FBI leader J. Edgar Hoover and how he thought Martin Luther King Jr.'s civil rights movement was a threat to the country in the 1960s.

Deadline has the news on this project, which was written by Justin Stamm. Wesley Snipes received endorsement from Martin Luther King Jr.'s son, Martin Luther King III.

The Code Name Zorro title refers to the super-covert program that J. Edgar Hoover initiated to use to tarnish Martin Luther King's image and influence. The movie will center on the final moments of William Sullivan's life, who headed up the Zorro project. He was charged with tapping King's phones and setting up other dirty schemes, such as giving King's wife audiotapes of King speaking with other women. The story goes that Sullivan intended to air all of the dirty laundry about Code Name Zorro to a journalist and was killed in a "hunting accident" shortly thereafter.

It was said that Wesley Snipes would produce the project and will be involved in finding a cast and director, as well as seeking financing. He would also seek a role in the movie, although though it wasn't said what role he was eyeing.